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Almost unbelievable, but then it is the MOH – Round 3 – even more ‘la la land’ stupidity is revealed: has a leadership tipping point been reached?


Earlier I posted:

April 09,2021

Staggering incompetence is the only way to describe the situation revealed here, but then one has to accept that it is another, in the long line of foul ups by the MOH to have occurred.

So we do not know how many border workers have been vaccinated? Nor which ones!

Another cluster***k, from the MOH, headed by Ashley Bloomfield.

Some questions which arise are:

Is there an agreed definition of a border worker? Have all relevant parties been informed, how has that been verified? Similarly, is there an agreed definition of a frontline border worker? Again have all relevant parties been informed? Again has that been verified?

What is the % of border workers vaccinated? How was that verified? Over what timescale is the vaccination process proceeding? Is the process on track?

What actions have been taken by the Minister, Andrew Little and the Ministry of Health as regards the situation revealed? What measures have been put in place to prevent this situation recurring?

Is it not time, indeed beyond time, to ask what is wrong with the MOH, such that we keep getting these situations.

Round 2 – Afternoon April 09,2021

Then I came across this:

This really is ‘ la la land’ stupidity. We know they don’t really know the details, they presumably know that we know that, but they keep on lying. Why?

Is it because, Ardern (She Who Never Lies) used the 90% figure?
Is it because they are incompetent?
Is it because they are arrogant?

Round 3 – Yet more incompetence – April 10, 2021

Slowly, the information emerges and the scale of incompetence revealed is incredible. The use of a tracking register is only being mandated now.

It seems like the MOH is infected with a virus of chronic incompetence.

As I suggested here, it is time to consider the leadership of the MOH given the catalogue of incompetence we have seen time and again.

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