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Some thoughts and questions on the ‘climate strike’ – 1


1 How many of these students have computers and mobile phones? These devices require over their life one or more of these things either directly or indirectly rare earths, oil, plastic, copper, precious metal, silicon, petrol, diesel, most of these things require extraction, processing and transportation even before assembling/manufacturing said item.

2 How many of these protesters travelled to the march on foot. Therefore, I suspect the great majority consumed resources and generated carbon emissions.

3 None of the marchers were naked, nor were any barefoot. Therefore, all wore items which required raw materials, some of which would be fossil fuel based. All items would require some processing/manufacture necessitating the generation of carbon dioxide either directly or indirectly

4 The switch to electric vehicles will require major investment, world wide in new forms of energy, major use of materials many of which are mined and require significant expenditure of carbon emissions to produce

5 Do many of these protesters understand that NZ is one of the most efficient and carbon minimising food producers, but that implementation of the Climate Commission report will increase world agriculture emissions

I could go on, but I think the picture is clear.

One of the issues, which I think many overlook is the economic impact on life of the changes these people demand, not just in the developed world, but in the developing world as well, especially there.

I have a nasty suspicion that achieving these goals will pave the way for authoritarian, repressive government in the guise of meeting the people’s demands.

I doubt that many of these protesters understand the full implications of what they claim to be protesting for.

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