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Another day and another MOH vaccination screw up: Hipkins tries to blame the sick person


Earlier today I posted

April 14,2021

Just when you begin to think that the incompetence of the MOH has been fully exposed, a new and even more appalling example becomes into view.

What the devil is going on at the MOH.

Yes, the subcontractors probably share some blame, but I think the primary fault lies with the MOH. Their processes and procedures have failed, yet again.

Clearly, the Ministry has not taken on board the need to have rigorous and functioning processes in place, including active and fit for purpose monitoring systems.

It is past time for study groups and reports. Remedial action must be taken now. Such action should include consideration of Ministerial culpability, MOH leadership.

UPDATE: April 14,2021

Trying to blame the worker. Shirking responsibility as is the norm with this omnishambles.

I wrote in my original post, about the need for active and fit for purpose monitoring systems. This is reinforced by Eric Crampton’s comment above.

I strongly suspect that an organisation that fails to recognise an apparent major shortcoming in a mission critical system can not be trusted in any area, let alone problem rectification.

It would hardly be surprising if there are not more incidents and issues of this type yet to emerge.

Time and time again we see that systems and processes are at fault, and the fault is occasioned by the failure to put basic verification procedures in place.

Time and time again new problems arise. To my mind this indicates that the emergence of an earlier error was not used to undertake a rigorous review of processes? If one was undertaken, I have severe doubts over it’s efficacy.

Hipkins and Bloomfield’s tenures as Minister of Covid Response and Bloomfield as DG Health must be considered. At the least both should be formally censured

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