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Unbelievable, but then it is the MOH – Round 7 – even more ‘la la land’ crap is revealed: Reporting and compliance with vaccination requirements deeply flawed – is anybody in charge?


April 14, 2021

Then we got this, so it appears that Hipkins was only ‘illustrative and approximate’ whilst possibly appearing to be ‘too definitive’ as Labourspeak would have it.

This latest admission calls into question all decisions previously taken, statements made and the quality of any plans and assurances.

Furthermore, why should people comply with requests when chronic ineptitude seems to be a prerequisite for anyone advising the government on this matter.

If these figures came from the Minister’s office, how long have they had them? When were they compiled? Are they accurate? What actions have been taken? When were these actions taken?

Well, if that’s the case, then we need to consider a whole lot of other factors, of which more another time.

Overall, I am left, aga, with the sense that the regime is contemptuous of the public and just tells stories to keep us quiet. Reality and truth are irrelevant.

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