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Stop name change by stealth


This government will do it by stealth and then claim it was because of public use age


People often have different names – the legal one and one or more different one/s they are called.

The alternatives might be diminutives of their given name or nick names.

Countries too might be called by shortened versions of their names and some have changed theirs.

Time takes care of the confusion. Iran used to be Persia, Zimbabwe was once Rhodesia and I only remember Vanuatu used to be the New Hebrides because I had a pen friend there when I was a child.

Whether or not they change, countries usually have only one official name but New Zealand now seems to have three – New Zealand, Aotearoa New Zealand and Aotearoa.

Some countries have changed their names after wars or coups, but they can take place by the agreement of their citizens.  New Zealand’s name appears to be changing by stealth.

Some politicians and many in the media are…

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