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More UK condemnation of Ardern and NZ


April 24,2021

NZ which has for some years, especially under Clark and Ardern, tended to strike a rather sanctimonious tone in it’s foreign policy posturing, has a problem.

It needs to stay on the right side of China as the NZ economy is heavily reliant on it, indeed over reliant.

However, we also need trade deals with UK, EU, USA and a strong relationship with Australia. These are parties at the forefront of calling out China over the Uighur issue and other matters.

At the moment the Ardern regime seems to be in the doghouse with, for example some UK politicians and press , on the question of the alleged Uighur genocide for example.

British Conservative MP , Bob Seely, had this to say about Ardern:

Ardern, was he said “ a virtue signalling prime minister who crudely sucks up to China, whilst backing out of the Five Eyes Agreement”

Now Ardern denies that NZ has backed away from the Five Eyes, but there has for some years now been periodic concerns from the US and the UK about the strength of the NZ commitment.

This follows on from Con Coughlin, criticising Ardern in a recent Telegraph column, where he described her as New Zealand’s “tiresomely woke Prime Minister” not the sort of media adulation Ardern is accustomed to .

No doubt we will see lots of fluff and puff in the media in the next little while, especially as Australia seems to have powered ahead with it’s UK trade deal.

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