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Sloppy Journalism #40 – NZ Herald and Newshub, both on the same story – just imagine my shock! But wait there’s more!


And again we see rubbish from NZ Herald, I was shocked, just like Capitaine Renault

And the cause of my shock

Naturally Maria an ardent warrior for Labour latched onto Seymour’s massive sin.Ah, but lawyer Juliet Moses, amongst others noted:

This time we have two leading NZ news outlets running a story that leaves out key facts, and which story is written so as to, in my view damage Seymour and by extension ACT.

The story if one can call it that:

1 Ignores the fact that his interest is as one of the potential beneficiaries under a discretionary trust

2 Igores the fact that he may never actually receive any benefit

3 Cannot leverage the interest in the trusts as security for a loan

Therefore, the inference that he has undeclared wealth and was lying previously as regards his ability to buy a property, as regards this issue is wrong.

Of course that did not deter some from besmirching Seymour.

An excellent example of what I meant by besmirching is above, when called on this

We got this in response

Clearly facts and reality don’t matter.

Newshub and NZ Herald could have easily determined that their inference was wrong. They did not. Therefore, was their failure in this matter, accidental or on purpose?

it also engendered the response we saw above and no doubt others, thus potentially reducing voter support for ACT. So was this a deliberate attempt at a hit on ACT and Seymour?

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