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Even More of Clint’s stupidity and some thoughts


April 29,2021

The really worrying thing is that this man seems to think this is a permanent benefit. He gets called out though.

Frightening is the fact that he is a strategic adviser to government, having previously worked for Ardern and the Labour Party.

Has he looked at the cost of renewables and how we are importing, importing record tonnages of coal, because renewables are unreliable.

We may have been able to use gas, but the regime closed that option leading to coal imports; plus cost the economy jobs, gee guys that was clever?

The Climate Commission, plus the government want greater use of EVs. That will require massive infrastructure investment, which may have no hard benefit at the end of the day, especially when you look at Total Lifecycle Cost, including extraction and manufacture of components.

Furthermore how do finance and construct such infrastructure, plus that required to assist resolution of the housing problem, plus rebuilding an economy massively dependent on exports when you have inadequate work force, closed borders etc. I know, you set up a working group

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