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Political Credulity gives Mob Credibility (1)


At the weekend, maybe on Friday as well, there was a ‘Community Event for Justice’ organised by the Waikato Mongrel Mob. It was attended by a number of people other than just Mob members.

Amongst the attendees was the Minister for Homelessness and for Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence, also in attendance was Paul Hunt, Chief Human Rights Commissioner ( and hard left activist), plus Anjum Rahman of Islamic Women’s Council ( former parliamentary candidate for Labour). There were no doubt others, including various ministerial staff and HRC personnel.

Davidson first and foremost takes as her theme, and one which I am sure the Mob attendees appreciated, the real problem was that they were victims of racism, systemic racism. Thus by inference they were effectively forced into being criminals.

Yes, the white man made me do it. Well, that is rubbish. It is on a par with the old schoolboy excuse for not presenting homework “the dog ate it”.

Now we are informed via the Mob’s PR spokeswoman that the Waikato Mongrel Mob is reformed and has forsworn their former ways. Hmm!

Now personally I find all this rather hard to take.

My initial comments and questions are:

1 Did Davidson seek any advice from within the Ardern regime before attending?

2 In which of her roles was she attending?

3 Did Davidson speak, if so where is the transcript of the speech

4 Were any policies referenced or announced in her speech?

5 Why did she accord the description “fabulous “ to the even?

6 Is Davidson’s attendance and her tweet to be taken as Ardern governmental approval of the statement by her that the Mob suffered “enduring and systemic racism”?

7 What government funding,if any was made of the event?

8 What costs in terms of hours, salaries and expenses were incurred by government ministers, staff, public agencies and their staff in preparing for and attending the event?

9 What benefits are expected to accrue to the people of NZ from this attendance?

My preliminary thoughts are that Davidson, Hunt et al have provided a fig leaf of respectability to the event and the Mongrel Mob, thus giving them credibility in the eyes of the Public.

I do not think this is a good thing.

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