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Quality of Political debate in NZ


May 02,2021

Newshub and NZ Herald both ran misleading articles about David Seymour’s interest in three properties,

The articles have prompted tweets such as the ones below

1 The facts assumed by the tweeters are wrong

2 The allegations made as to Seymour’s character are vindictive and wrong

unfortunately, these were quite typical and not the most offensive

This is political debate in NZ in 2021, fed by media that runs stories which are sloppy, and full of misinformation. These stories and the related social media slugs are either the product of incompetence, in my view, or deliberately chosen to cause reactions such as those highlighted above. Honestly, incompetence would be preferable to media bias, but sometimes I wonder, as such stories appear with monotonous regularity.

This then leads to the vitriol, such as that above, which seems to pass for debate.

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