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Govt shouldn’t waste $35m taking us back to 70s


Our relentless march to the past continues


Is the government hatching another plan to take us back to the failed policies of the 60s and 70s?

A $90 million plan to turn Dunedin’s Hillside workshop into a world-class assembly plant has been revealed in a leaked government funding pitch.

But there are concerns importing parts to be assembled locally is not a good use of taxpayer money.

This week the Government reaffirmed its commitment to the South Dunedin facility as part of its 10-year rail plan.

In 2019 an initial $19.97 million investment was made in plans to expand the workshop through the Provincial Growth Fund.

But documents obtained by the Otago Daily Times show an additional $90 million is needed to turn it into a wagon assembly facility. . .

Concerns that this wouldn’t be good use of taxpayers’ money is justified:

KiwiRail needed to replace about 2300 wagons over the next five years. About…

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