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Free Speech and truth are under attack


You might think this is nonsense and stupid, but unfortunately it is not.

Look at the potential threat to the woman’s career!

Consider the chilling effect such behaviour by a university and indeed fellow students has on freedom of expression both now and in the longer term.

Note, how yet again this instance of persecution for stating a biological fact, seems to have been driven by the bigotry and prejudice of the trans lobby and its fellow travellers.

According to the article this incident occurred during a debate, so the censorship was even worse, especially given the reported action of the lecturer in muting Ms Keogh.

Let us not forget that this instance is in Scotland, so there is the question as well of whether the recently passed draconian law on hate speech will apply here.

However, it seems that a Dark Age of Progressiveness now envelops the world, where free speech is constrained in order to avoid offence to even one person. Consequently literature, comedy, discourse of all kinds will be adversely affected with ensuing negative effects on society.

This is the pernicious effect of wokeness, intolerance masquerading as tolerance and so called Progressive attitudes which all too often are illiberal, regressive and oppressive. However, they are mirrored on the right by very similar attitudes look for example at the USA.

we live as the Chinese say “in interesting times” indeed

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