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Is the NZ Green Party now in favour of eradicating Israel? Are the NZ Greens antisemitic?


I think we are entitled to infer that from the above tweet and photo of 3 Green MPs.

Plus we should not forget Marama Davidson’s presence on a Gaza blockade runner some years ago.

I hesitate to suggest that these 3 Greens and any of their colleagues are antisemitic, but their presence at this rally, their support and use of a slogan used by the virulently antisemitic Hamas, causes me to at least consider that as a possibility.

Why is the media not raising this question with the 3 MPs and with the leaders of the party?

Especially as Hamas and other militant Islamic groups advocate solving the Israel issue with genocide. So are the NZ Greens advocates for a second Holocaust? If this is the case are they by their support inciting violence? Can they be prosecuted?

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