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State censorship – it will happen here!


An excellent piece at Spiked looking at the baleful impact of laws limiting free speech and their impact.

Don’t kid yourself that it won’t happen in NZ. It will and given our penchant for making bad laws; plus the prevalence of wokeness in the establishment I fear we might be even worse off than elsewhere.

The signs from what we have seen so far are not good and given the Ardern administration’s trend to authoritarianism, it’s incompetence, it’s ideological bent and past comments by such as Andrew Little I am very concerned. Particularly given their overwhelming majority in Parliament, plus Ardern’s desire to parade her progressive credentials on the world stage.

National and ACT will huff and puff, but are unlikely to get anywhere. The Human Rights Commission will do nothing. The NZ media will supinely roll over, and applaud Ardern’s strong leadership and if I am correct, most blogs will either close, become anodyne in their comments or mouthpieces for the regime.

I hope I am wrong, but ..

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