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Hypocritical Roman Catholic Church has no moral authority whatsoever – UPDATED


Nicola Jennings Cartoon for the Guardian re abuse in the Roman Catholic Church – 23/02/19

I originally posted this some years ago, in2009, the cartoon was posted in 2019 when the Church was guilty of another cover-up, but after I posted recently about the Tuam scandal and Marianvale, I came across this and considered it deserved to be reposted

Torture, rape and beatings. That’s the unforgivable story of Roman Catholic Ireland in the 20th century. Still the perpetrators have not been named, and may never be brought to justice. It would be no exaggeration to call this a holocaust of abuse. Yet there will be no prosecutions for those perpetrators who are still alive, or naming of those who are dead. The Christian Brothers in 2004 won the legal right to anonymity for all those responsible.

The Christian Brothers, one of the most influential of the Church’s male religious orders, opened their first school in Ireland in 1802 and went on to run schools and residential homes for children in Canada, Australia and the UK.

In all countries, children suffered abuse at the hands of the brothers. In Ontario alone, the Christian Brothers paid out $23 million to 700 former students. In Ireland, where they educated many of the people at the top of the political Establishment, they took out newspaper advertisements apologising to victims of abuse. There has been a royal commission in Canada and convictions for sex crimes in Australia.

The anonymity of perpetrators is unlikely to be enough to save the Church from the effects of the widespread revulsion that will result from this report. If anything, the protection the Christian Brothers have managed to secure will merely add to the disgust.

The above is an extract from a Times article following the release of the report of the long-running Irish Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse.

Another article began:-

The full horror of children’s lives that were destroyed by sexual, physical and emotional abuse meted out by Roman Catholic religious orders over decades in Ireland was laid bare today in an official five-volume report.

A nine-year investigation by the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse concluded that, although the sexual abuse of thousands of children who passed through Catholic-run institutions was widely known to be “endemic”, no action was taken to prevent it and the Irish Government colluded in a conspiracy of silence.

The report makes for relentlessly grim reading, chronicling the shocking conditions under which 35,000 children were held, many from infancy until reaching adulthood.

The Executive Summary can be downloaded and the full report downloaded here

The fact that the Catholic Church clearly knew what was going on and did nothing for decades is appalling enough, but then to see that the pervasive influence of the Church was such that officials of the Irish State then colluded in covering it up is even worse.

Frankly it is hard to have any respect at all for an institution that has failed to deal with this issue on a global basis for decades. The idea that the Pope and the Catholic Church have any form of moral authority is laughable. In fact the suggestion demeans the whole  concept of morality. Next time the Pope spouts on about moral issues and the role of the Church his pronouncements should be ignored. In fact they should be ridiculed.

The Church by it’s actions has forfeited any legitimacy it may have had in moral matters. The least it could do is close those religious orders which were at the heart of these crimes.

The Church leadership failed totally These people had the temerity to call themselves Christians and to preach on moral issues. Quite simply it was and is hypocrisy of the worst kind.

Adam will comment further on this matter once he has had more time to study the report.

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