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Picking fruit, poisoning roots


Unfortunately, the government sees the 1970s as their nirvana, and so the rest of us must suffer


Yesterday’s Budget was a big spending one which omitted to give so much as a mention to where the money to pay for it is coming from:

Federated Farmers wants New Zealand’s farmers to pat themselves on the back for making it possible for the country to afford the Budget announced by the Government today.

In his speech to present the Budget Minister of Finance Grant Robertson acknowledged the financial carnage predicted by the Government last year did not eventuate.

“And that’s because New Zealand’s internationally competitive, resilient and fleet-footed farmers and growers could roll with the COVID punches and keep this country financially afloat,” Federated Farmers national president Andrew Hoggard says.

The Minister’s talk of winding back the clock to undo the reforms of the 80s and 90s will send shivers down the spines of farmers, especially the ones old enough to remember farming in those days.

Those reforms…

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