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How It Happened: Trump’s Last Stand III: The Break With Barr


26 January 2021

In this episode of How It Happened: Trump’s Last Stand, national political correspondent Jonathan Swan reveals the story behind President Trump’s break from Attorney General William Barr, who had been deeply loyal and a key bridge between Trump and the Republican establishment.

  • Swan takes listeners into the room for two explosive, consequential meetings that lead to Barr’s resignation.
  • By examining the breakdown of the relationship between Trump and Barr, Swan shows how Trump began to turn on not just his campaign team, but his most crucial allies in his administration.

Note: This episode contains some explicit language.

About this show

In How It Happened: Trump’s Last Stand, national political reporter Jonathan Swan reveals the inside story of Donald Trump’s last few months in office.

  • Starting with Trump’s COVID-19 recovery, this is the deeply reported story of what really led up to the insurrection on the Capitol and the current unprecedented moment.
  • Swan will take listeners into the Oval Office, onto Air Force One, and behind closed doors, sharing previously unreported details.
  • New episodes will publish on Mondays, beginning Jan. 18.

Credits: This show is produced by Amy Pedulla, Naomi Shavin and Alice Wilder. Dan Bobkoff is the executive producer. Margaret Talev is managing editor of politics. Sara Kehaulani Goo is Axios’s executive editor. Sound design by Alex Sugiura and original music by Michael Hanf.

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