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Spectator TV: Kate Andrews with Christina Pagel, James Ball, Seth Frantzman and Clarissa Ward – Covid,Prince Harry and Gaza- Week in 60 Minutes #36 – 20/05/21


Excellent episode, especially the first segment with Christina Pagel

On this week’s episode, Kate Andrews is joined by UCL’s Professor Christina Pagel; James Ball, global editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism; Seth Frantzman, a Middle East analyst; writer Judith Mackrell; CNN’s chief international correspondent Clarissa Ward; and a team of Spectator journalists. // THIS EPISODE 00:00 – Welcome from Kate Andrews 01:57 – Will ‘freedom day’ be delayed? With Christina Pagel 18:49 – Will Tories accept more Covid restrictions? 30:53 – Is social media inflaming the Israel/Palestine conflict? With James Ball and Seth Frantzman 42:10 – What’s it like to report from a warzone? With Clarissa Ward and Judith Mackrell 53:06 – Is Prince Harry right to say the First Amendment is ‘bonkers’?

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