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Ardern’s peculiar relationship with the truth revisited


We all, Adam is sure, remember this from the leader’s debate moderated by Patrick Gower during 2017’s NZ Election campaign.

Indeed it was a contributory factor to the gushing effusiveness of so many over Jacinda Ardern

Over the past months and years it has been obvious to some that Ms Ardern has become somewhat parsimonious with the truth see here and here.

In fact Adam believes that has been the case forever, you do not change character so dramatically overnight.

Then Adam’s belief as to whether Ardern told the truth during the 2017 election, was supported in this 2018 exchange as this clip shows:-

Therefore, why should we place any credence in anything she says?

Why does she get fawned over by the media?

She is as vain glorious and as guilty of misinformation as Donald Trump. A point that I have made on several occasions, for example here. Then again in this post.

(To digress it is worth noting that Bill English, the then National Party leader, at the time of the debate, who was assailed in the media for being equivocal in this regard, was in fact the more truthful of the two, rather than Ardern. the person who was anointed by Winston Peters.)

However, the litany of lies, obfuscation and parsimony with the truth continues, despite Ardern’s , now oft broken promise of the 2017 election campaign to run ( another instance of hyperbole at best and in many people’s view a crock, given the massive failures by the regime ) the most open and transparent government in New Zealand’s history.

Why have I set the scene so thoroughly, because repeatedly in recent times Ardern has refused in a variety of ways to discuss issues raised about the Maori Health Authority, the He Puapua report, ownership/governance of freshwater.

Plus we have the sneaky and potentially illegal Ihumatao land deal, the misinformation used to try and justify the rushed legislation over Maori council wards and the list goes on.

Yet we see little holding of Ardern to account by the Ardern Adulation Society (aka the NZ media).

Indeed Left wing commentator Chris Trotter recently wrote

It’s a game played out every day in Moscow and Beijing. The only serious distinction between the players there, and the players here, being that ‘there’ they know that the name of the game is “Propaganda”; while ‘here’ they still think it’s called “Journalism”.

A scathing condemnation.

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