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Just a few little questions


Good questions, maybe, just maybe a journalist (remember them) might care to pursue them, instead of regurgitating the regime’s PR spin


Just a few little questions about a very expensive project:

* Has a cost benefit analysis been done on the bridge for cyclists and pedestrians across Auckland Harbour?

* If so what did it say, if not why not?

* The existing bridge has around 180,000 vehicle crossings a day, the new one is optimistically projected to have 3,000 walkers and bikers – who thinks spending more than $700,000,000 on so few is a good idea?

* Do any of the estimates of users take into account that rain and cold weather impact negatively on walking and cycling?

* Why does the government think it’s alright to announce the spending of so much money on this project while breaking previous promises about roading projects elsewhere?

* Why are the needs of a very few cyclists and walkers between the North Shore and Herne Bay considered so much greater than those…

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