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Spectator TV: Kate Andrews with Andrew Neil, Douglas Murray, Christopher Meyer and others – Cancel culture madness & Boris meets Biden – Week in 60 Minutes #39 – 10/06/21


On this week’s episode, Kate Andrews is joined by former ambassador to the United States Christopher Meyer; Conservative MP and deputy chair of the Conservative party Lee Rowley; fellow Tory MP Tim Loughton; The Spectator’s associate editor Douglas Murray; epidemiologist and SPI-M member Professor Rowland Kao; Spectator chair and GB News chair and presenter Andrew Neil; and a team of Spectator journalists. // THIS EPISODE 00:00 – Welcome from Kate Andrews 01:53 – What will happen when Boris meets Biden? With Christopher Meyer 12:13 – Should we cut foreign aid? With Lee Rowley & Tim Loughton 22:18 – Is cancel culture out of control? With Douglas Murray 40:00 – How worried should we be about a third Covid wave? With Prof. Rowland Kao 54:47 – What’s new about GB News? With Andrew Neil

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