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Mike Hosking: Mike’s Minute: Obsession with cycleways out of control


Another example of the Ardern regime spending on modern “bread and circuses “ for the lycra cohort of luvvies, many of whom no doubt drive 4x4s, take the kids to and from school etc and fly frequently, but think this is a good thing. We should call this Ardern’s Folly

June 08,2021

Hosking comments

The crime committed around the harbour crossing is now two-fold. The ruinous waste of money for a whole new structure, the only positive aspect being it most likely will never happen. The government, by the way, might want to reflect on that widespread type of reaction.

Why are so many people sceptical? Because their delivery record is abysmal, and it’s now haunting them. Governments should make announcements like this and have support, what they get through their own ineptitude is scepticism.

In a country crying out for infrastructural reform, not to mention no money and a shortage of skills and materials, the best they can do is a massive cross water cycle lane.

If you don’t see that as the sheer insanity that it is, you’re either employed at a university, in the Green Party, or you’ve lost your marbles. Roads build economies, cycles don’t.

We now have more than enough evidence that cycle lanes don’t work and aren’t used. From the pink joke in the middle of Auckland, to the scandalous Island Bay debacle in Wellington, to the shambles in Linwood in Christchurch, the bulk of cycle lanes are ideological disasters. They don’t work, they are dangerous, they impede business, and they cost more to fix than they did to build.

This isn’t about being anti-cycle. Bike as often as you want, ride till you’re exhausted. But the farce that the infrastructure has become at a time of real infrastructural shortage, proper infrastructural shortage, is one of the great economic crimes of the modern age.  

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