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C4 News: New Revelations: Epstein and Maxwell implicated in multiple claims of abuse in UK over a decade,


June 16,2021

An investigation by this programme into the notorious sex abuser Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged partner Ghislaine Maxwell has found mulitple claims that the pair targeted, groomed, trafficked and sexually abused at least half a dozen young women in the UK over a ten-year period. The allegations have never been fully investigated by the Met, despite repeated complaints to the force. The Metropolitan Commissioner has previously insisted that any decision not to investigate had nothing to do with Prince Andrew, but that it was a matter for US authorities, where Ghislaine Maxwell is facing trial. But tonight senior legal figures in the UK who have reviewed our evidence from this country are calling for a full criminal investigation into what they call “serious allegations”. A warning: this report contains references to sexual abuse.

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