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More sodding woke intolerance and blatant oppression


As L.P. Hartley wrote “the past is a foreign country, they do things differently there”

To decolonise Shakespeare, what a ridiculous idea, he wrote in the fifteenth century not in the twenty first, consequently I am sure some of his ideas seem ‘wrong’ to some now. However, in the fifteenth century they were the norm. Similarly, the attacks on Rhodes, Hume, Kipling to name others.

As a person whose life encompasses the last 70 years I find the last five years bigoted, rife with manufactured offence and extremely intolerant and far more racist than say even 10 years ago. As a society we have not progressed we have somehow morphed into an illiberal, intolerant and repressive society which pretends that it’s evil and repressive nature is to enable some weird fantasy of ‘equality’

I find the attitudes and behaviours of many academics very reprehensible, as far too often they have either encouraged or silently stood by whilst the tyranny of mob rule has become the norm with wokeness, identity politics and cancel culture.

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