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Times Red Box: “You have no authority here, Luke Jones”


June 01,2021

Luke Jones sits in for Matt Chorley and speaks to Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Kent Dominic Abrams and Former Chief Constable for Manchester Police Sir Peter Fahy to find out how the pandemic has changed our relationship with authority. Plus an interview with the first of our ‘Pre-Pandemic Professors’, Professor of Public Health at Edinburgh University Linda Bauld, to discuss the life behind the expert. Also Libby Purves and Rachel Sylvester on sitcoms and the impact of school admission rules on children born in the summer.Libby

Source: 7 Best Podcasts On UK Politics

Have you ever wanted to hear exactly what goes on behind closed doors in Westminster from the people that work in UK politics? With the help of some seriously impressive guests Matt Chorley unveils exactly what’s gone on in the last week in politics. Joined by writers and columnists from The Times as well as former and current special advisors and politicians The Times Red Box Politics Podcast is an incredibly easy way to digest what’s going on in Westminster once a week.

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