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How green are EVs?


Very interesting, I have long wondered about this. I would be willing to bet Greta, James Shaw and the toxic Dr Carr either ignore this or belong to ‘she’ll be right’ brigade.


The government’s decision to charge ute buyers more so EV buyers pay less is open for criticism for several reasons.

* It’s broken the promise of no new taxes.

* The Prime Minister’s assurance that electric utes would be available soon was quickly dismissed by the industry.

* She then made a judgement on which Ute uses are legitimate.

* She compounded that when questioned by  Jamie Mackay on The Country by saying that her fiancee’s ute was ‘ a little bit different’ because it was sponsored ( at 1:50). Quite how a sponsored ute, the advertising on which is designed to encourage people to buy more, makes a difference that makes it more legitimate than others isn’t clear.

* And what she didn’t do was explain how the electricity needed to power all the extra EVs will be generated when we’re already importing coal.

* But the biggest…

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