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Free Speech and the Satirical Activist – Andrew Doyle -The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast – S4: E32


Excellent discussion with Andrew Doyle

June 22, 2021

On this Season 4 Episode 32 Episode of the Jordan Peterson Podcast, Jordan is joined by British comedian, author, playwright, journalist, political satirist, and voice of Titania McGrath, Andrew Doyle. Andrew Doyle and Jordan discuss his new book, “Free Speech and Why It Matters”, the hate crime law in Parliament, the attack on free speech and its importance, Twitter attacks, creativity, Titania McGrath’s story, and much more.

Jordan introduces this episodes guest; writer and comedian Andrew Doyle [1:30] Why Andrew wrote the book “Free Speech And Why It Matters.” [3:30] The hate crime law in parliament. [8:30] Why should people be paying attention to him? What’s the problem here? [13:00] Jordan’s experience in the UK. CCTV cameras, in London many buildings had airport level security; bills in Scotland; The importance of intention [20:30] The importance of free speech and thinking; self-authoring [31:30] The link between CCTV & social justice and the propaganda in Hollywood. [35:30] Red Skull [37:30] Attack on the essence of free Speech; Derrida, Foucault [43:30] Identity [47:00] The ideologies of good vs. evil and caricatures of religion. [53:00] Richard Dawkins and attacks on Twitter [58:30] Twitter attacks [01:04:30] Dawkins recent controversial quote on Twitter [01:07:00] Transracial association [01:09:00] The infantile demand in the fluidity of identity [01:13:30] How do we de-radicalize ideologues and the importance of these long-form discussions. [01:19:00] The woke narrative and the language that is being used to defend these ideas [01:24:00] Titania McGrath saving the world through intersectionality [01:26:30] Jordan’s interview with the British GQ [01:32:00] What happened with Titania McGrath [01:35:30] What he has learned about people who are angry with Titania [01:37:30] Why Titania got banned on Twitter [01:43:30] What effect did producing Titania McGrath have on his life, and would he go back and do it all over again? Doyle and Peterson’s experience with [01:52:30] Defining hate speech laws and defending free Speech [02:02:00] What’s next for Doyle [02:07:00] Creativity [02:13:00] Jordan’s rise of popularity on YouTube

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