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Four Corners: The scandalous case of Lawyer X and the underbelly murder investigations


October 21, 2019

Reprehensible Conduct: The scandalous case of Lawyer X and the underbelly murder investigations.

Four Corners brings you an investigation into the controversial secret weapon police used in the fight to end Melbourne’s murderous gangland wars – police informer 3838. For years the public only knew informer 3838 as Lawyer X until she was unmasked as the high-profile barrister, Nicola Gobbo.

The revelations she had double-crossed her clients – including infamous gangsters like Carl Williams and Tony Mokbel – rocked the legal system and the people she represented.

Gobbo’s actions and the decision by the police hierarchy to approve them have now placed Victoria Police at the centre of a breathtaking scandal that is calling into question notable criminal convictions and the conduct of some of the state’s most senior police.

Four Corners reveals how this story of cops, criminals, murder and betrayal has unravelled and why it’s now the biggest crisis ever faced by an Australian justice system.

Reviews into dozens of convictions are now underway and in what could be a bitter irony, the very methods used to put so many criminals behind bars may be the trigger for their release.

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