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40 Years On A Yes Minister Tribute


To mark the 40th anniversary of the BBC Sitcom “Yes Minister” the Institute of Public Administration Canada – National Capital Chapter, decided to put the series to the test. We assembled three former minister and three former officials separately presented them with clips from the show, and asked them to comment on how accurate the clips were from their experience.

The result is a fun and informative overview of both the show “Yes Minister” and the reality of the key intersection between political and administrative authority, or the crucial interface between the government and the state. With opening remarks from Susan le Jeune D’Allegeershecque, High Commissioner of the UK to Canada, this tribute was originally screened to public servants across Canada on November 12th and is now open to the public at large seeking to learn more about this critical part of statecraft, while having a good laugh or two as well!

The experts featured in this compilation are:

Lisa Raitt (Conservative MP and Minister, 2009 – 2019)
Oneil Carlier (NDP Alberta MLA and Minister, 2015 – 2019)
Pierre Pettigrew (Liberal MP and Minister, 1996-2006)
Karl Salgo (former director in federal central agencies, 2000-2012)
Andrea Langthier-Seymour (former ministerial press secretary and current director of media relations at the City of Ottawa)
Bruce Hollet (former Deputy Minister in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1998 – 2019

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