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NCF: Stonewall Bullies Try To Erase “Mother” – Why Are Taxpayers Funding This Out of Control Lobby Group?


June 12, 2021

Stonewall has warned organisations on its Workplace Equality Index to replace “mother” with “parent who has given birth” if they want higher ranking.

This chilling Orwellian “Rightspeak” is the latest example of Stonewall’s increasingly extremist actions.

Recently, its CEO said that questioning transgender identity was akin to anti-Semitism.

This includes opposing: * puberty blockers on children, * males in female changing rooms & * trans athletes in female sports

Stonewall’s extremist agenda & its authoritarian attitude to free speech has led prominent gays & lesbians to openly criticise or denounce the organisation they helped to found.

Britain’s human rights watchdog (The Equality & Human Rights Commission) has already cut ties with the activist group a report commissioned by Essex University, found that Stonewall gave it incorrect & potentially illegal advice on trans issues. Yet, shockingly, Stonewall continues to dictate policies for police forces, government departments & 850 other bodies & companies who pay the lobby group to vet their internal policies on diversity, hate speech, toilet use etc.

In 2019, Stonewall’s income was £8.3 million, including 9 Government grants. A charity founded to stop anti-LGBT bullying, has turned into one of the biggest bullies of them all. So why are taxpayers still funding it?

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