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Batley and Spen – Labour holds, just


July 02,2021

C4 News Report

Under attack from the left in the shape of an abrasive George Galloway, even Labour loyalists predicted the party would lose in Brexit-backing Batley and Spen. And those less than loyal in the party were said to be getting ready to challenge Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership if he lost his third by-election in a row. But Kim Leadbeater, whose sister Jo Cox was murdered when she was the constituency MP, retained the seat for Labour by just 323 votes. Jackie Long also spoke to Sir Keir after the result had been confirmed.

Yet let’s be clear, Labour just held on. Starmer and Johnson should both be very concerned.

I think Labour fought off Galloway, probably because Leadbeater is the sister of the former MP, Jo Cox who was murdered and the prospect of Galloway meant some voters were voting tactically. However, the Tories campaign was not good and coming after Chesham and Amersham, the Tories need to up their game.

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