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Perhaps burning witches was a better solution


‘If the critical race theorists are correct, if you’re a white person who denies that you’re a racist, that just proves that you’re a racist…they used a very similar test back in the medieval period to identify witches.’

Andrew Doyle – Free Speech Nation, GB News – July 03, 2021

Clearly in today’s world we have progressed such a long way from the days of witch trials and burning at the stake. Truly as Karr’s famous epigram has it ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose’.

We may no longer rack the victims or burn them at the stake instead we prefer their ‘civilised defenestration by social media’ often accompanied by ‘cancellation’ and ‘deplatforming’ often accompanied by nonsensical claims of health and safety risks.

In fact I suspect that some victims of today’s intolerance, bigotry and woke crap ,(the infamous culture wars) might prefer to burn at the stake rather than endure the nonsense and injustice that we see today.

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