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The Slow Newscast: Left To Die – #2/3


The Slow Newscast takes news slowly. We investigate, we report, and every week we try to focus on the stories that really matter in the UK and around the world. Your host is Basia Cummings.

June 24, 2021

In March, Islamist militants attacked the town of Palma, in northern Mozambique – the site of a $20bn gas project. They besieged a hotel, where more than 200 civilians were taking shelter, waiting to be rescued. But help never came. In our new three-part series, we investigate why these men, women and children were abandoned.

Episode 2 of our series investigating what happened at the Amarula Hotel: the story of Wesley and his brother Adrian, who escape in a car and are ambushed by insurgents as they race to safety.

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