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Joolz Guides: Ancient Historical London Sites -The Charterhouse


Another of these fun, quirky videos

One of the many reasons I like these videos is that he visits so many places I used to know years ago. It is incredibly nostalgic and fun.

Here’s a look at one of London’s most ancient and historically important sites. The Charterhouse in Clerkenwell was originally a plague pit but has had many incarnations since medieval times.

After Sir Walter Manny acquired permission from the pope to build a Carthusian Monastery here it suffered greatly when King Henry Viii came along. One poor prior had his arm nailed to the top of the gate which still stands today. Queen Elizabeth I held her first court at the Charterhouse too! Later it was acquired by the richest man in England, Thomas Sutton, who opened a school for poor boys and a home for elderly men fallen on hard times. It was within these very walls that two of the rules of football originated. The off-side rule and the throw in rule. There is also a free museum and beautiful gardens. Many film productions have taken place at The Charterhouse (which comes from the French “Chartreuse”)

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