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You don’t save money by spending billions


An excellent post, which looks at the water proposals, and highlights government hubris and misinformation, all at taxpayers expense


Several councils aren’t convinced Three Waters is worth supporting and Waimakariri mayor Dan Gordon has joined the chorus questioning the proposals:

…You have seen a few scary numbers, and the massively misleading advertising campaign, where the Government claim that without water reform there is the potential for astronomical increases in household costs and awful environmental outcomes.

As far as our Council can tell having gone through their data both of these statements are not true and the Council and I have serious concerns about the information and approach. . .

Not only is the government using our money to indoctrinate us, what they’re telling us isn’t true.

Our first concern is the public relations line or ‘spin’ the Government keep repeating which is that “there is a proven case for change”.

This simply isn’t correct. The Government are claiming for the Three Waters system across New Zealand they’re going to…

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