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As I look back on my years of blogging – free speech is paramount – UPDATED



I originally wrote this post some 2 years ago.
Now, in 2021, the issues relating to free speech are even more relevant.

This is especially so, given the way in which ‘woke issues’ have gained such a hold. I used to think that maybe we would avoid the excesses of the woke world. I see now that was wishful thinking on my part.

In my view the hold that ‘woke’ and it’s evil companions of cancel culture, and hate speech laws, which are used by many activists to shut down arguments and thoughts which do not fit their viewpoints, have gained on society have led to a substantial erosion of rights, this has been enabled in many cases by popular and populist politicians of both left and right, sycophantic political parties, complicit media again both left and right and the shameful abdication of universities to forces antithetical to free speech, thought and science.

It is vital that we stand up for free speech and against those voices that call for change

This from Margaret Thatcher seems appropriate

Original Post

As I noted earlier today I have made a couple of changes to the blog.

This caused me to reflect on a number of other matters.

This blog has been going for a number of years now.

I have blogged about a great many things over the years.

Sometimes I have been on point, other times I have missed the target totally. totally, no completely and absolutely.

Whilst I would like to think that I have been consistent, I suspect that after all this time, I have not been.

However, one thing I am proud of, throughout my time blogging I have been steadfast in my views on free speech.

This is an area where the utmost vigilance is required, day in and day out.

This is why, I have amended my blog tagline to include a quote from Thomas Paine.

Free Speech is ever more important in today’s world of sleazy politicians, posturing opportunistic so called leaders.

Unfortunately today many in the so called media are all too ready to act as media fans of the politician of the day and comply with notions of free speech that are in fact oppression.

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