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Spectator TV: Kate Andrews with Petronella Wyatt, Tim Spector, Christopher Sabatini, Toby Young – Big Brother Boris, Covid and data, Cuba, Foreign Aid cuts, Euros Final – Week in 60 Minutes #44 – 15/07/2021


Kate Andrews is joined by journalist and Spectator contributor Petronella Wyatt; ZOE app principal investigator Tim Spector; Chatham House’s Christopher Sabatini; The Spectator’s associate editor Toby Young; and a team of Spectator journalists.

THIS EPISODE 00:00 – Welcome from Kate Andrews 02:14 – Big Brother Boris: Has he lost his liberalism? With Fraser Nelson 11:06 – How did the PM used to be? With Petronella Wyatt 18:53 – What does the data say about Covid’s ‘new phase’? With Tim Spector 31:04 – What does the foreign aid vote say about the Tories? 45:35 – Cuba protests: can the regime survive? With Chris Sabatini 57:44 – How the Euros final was a ‘disaster movie’, with Toby Young

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