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Why Did the Holocaust Happen?


Adam’s Comments as of July 18,2021

1 A most interesting and thought provoking lecture

2 There are some concerning parallels with Trumpism in the United States, for example the demonisation of Latino immigrants by Trump and others mirrors the demonisation of Jews by the Nazis. To a lesser extent, but still present is the demonisation of farmers by the Greens and Labour in NZ.

3 Has Covid and it’s aftermath provided an opportunity for a modern day variation?

The Presentation

On January 17, 2017 historian Peter Hayes spoke at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum to discuss his new book, “Why? Explaining the Holocaust.” In his book, Hayes addresses what scholars know about the Holocaust, and answers important questions including: Why were Jews the primary victims? Why were Germans the instigators? Why did murder become the “Final Solution”? And, why didn’t the international community do more to help?

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