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Times Red Box: Let’s chat about history


June 17,2021

History teaches us a lot. It allows us to understand how people and societies behave, understand how wars erupted and how pivotal moments in history have changed the world. Historian Dan Snow talks us through everything we should know about the subject. PLUS India Knight and James Marriott discuss how a double vaccination could soon allow travel freedom and ‘hopeless’ Matt Hancock.

Source: 7 Best Podcasts On UK Politics

Have you ever wanted to hear exactly what goes on behind closed doors in Westminster from the people that work in UK politics? With the help of some seriously impressive guests Matt Chorley unveils exactly what’s gone on in the last week in politics. Joined by writers and columnists from The Times as well as former and current special advisors and politicians The Times Red Box Politics Podcast is an incredibly easy way to digest what’s going on in Westminster once a week.

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