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Planet Normal: The War Of The Noses – Why the great face mask debate is far from over


Podcast series from the UK Telegraph, hosted by economist and columnist Liam Halligan and co-host columnist Alison Pearson, looking at issues of the moment.

July 15, 2021

In the words of Alice Cooper, “School’s out for Summer”. The holidays are fast approaching but there’s no rest for our co-pilots, Allison Pearson and Liam Halligan, as Allison accuses the Left of weaponising the use of face masks, Liam predicts public finger-wagging for those choosing to ditch them, and our hosts nail their colours to the mast on the so-called “War of the Noses”.

Also on the podcast: LSE behavioural scientist Professor Paul Dolan cruises into the Planet Normal atmosphere to tell listeners why the government must honour its social contract of freedom in a post-vaccine world, and why the cost of achieving zero-Covid is just too high. Plus, a particularly moving email from a Brown Owl gives our co-pilots pause for thought.

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