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GBNews: Woke Watch with Andrew Doyle – JK Rowling receives bomb threat over transgender views – 20/07/21


Colin Brazier and Andrew Doyle look at the woke stupidity and the appalling threats of violence and the outbursts of hatred we are seeing more and more of , from transgender activists.

JK Rowling said she has received threats from “hundreds of trans activists” while sharing a tweet calling for a pipe bomb to be sent to her home. The Harry Potter author has attracted criticism from some quarters for her views on transgender rights. The writer shared a tweet she had been sent on Sunday which read: “I wish you a very nice pipebomb in mailbox.” Rowling, who also writes crime novels under the pen name Robert Galbraith, said: “To be fair, when you can’t get a woman sacked, arrested or dropped by her publisher, and cancelling her only made her book sales go up, there’s really only one place to go. “Yes, but now hundreds of trans activists have threatened to beat, rape, assassinate and bomb me I’ve realised that this movement poses no risk to women whatsoever.” Rowling, 55, thanked fans who sent her supportive messages and said she was returning to work on a new book.

Perhaps we might now see some of the woke progressives pull their heads in and stop trying to impose their views and only their views on those who see things differently, even if they support the general rights of fair treatment for those who are transgender.

Note the points that Andrew Doyle makes about the MSM and major charities.

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