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Planet Normal: The Juggle Struggle – Why children must come first – not last – over the pandemic


Podcast series from the UK Telegraph, hosted by economist and columnist Liam Halligan and co-host columnist Alison Pearson, looking at issues of the moment.

July 08, 2021

Meet the mothers taking on the system over the way children have been sidelined in lockdown decision-making. Working mums Molly, Liz and Christine added a string to their collective bow when they were forced to become home teachers over much of 2020 – and another one when they later set up pressure group, Us for Them. It campaigns for the needs of the young to be prioritised over the pandemic and beyond. This week they board an extra large Planet Normal rocket, telling Telegraph columnists Allison Pearson and Liam Halligan why calling children ‘resilient’ is simply a means of justifying putting adults first, plus they lay out the very real effect lockdown measures have had on their own kids.

Elsewhere, has the Saj been had? Liam wonders whether the ‘doom-monger scientists’ will have their way in delaying the new Health Secretary’s freedom day deadline, Allison tells us why the NHS’ George Cross victory saw her jaw drop, and a powerful interview leaves one of our co-pilots cowering in the corner of the Planet Normal capsule.

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