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Poverty the problem not exports


Another academic with no idea of economic reality and deluded into the nonsense of Hermit NZ


Oh dear, people are calling for us to put selling on the domestic market before exporting:

Auckland University of Technology Emeritus Professor of Nutrition Elaine Rush . . has matched data on food and beverage exports and imports to nutritional needs and said what she found was eye-opening.

She said we are exporting high nutrient proteins and fat, and importing foods and these aren’t great from a nutrition stand-point, like carbohydrates and sugars.

That’s because we are uniquely placed to farm grazing animals that produce meat and dairy products and our climate, topography and soils aren’t suited nearly was well to growing sugar cane, grains and cereals.

As a result, we’re fat, famished or starved in a land of plenty, she said.

We’re not fat, famished or starved because we export so much. The problem is poverty and the complex factors that cause that.

In a paper on the…

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