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Stories of our times: By-election: Welcome to Batley and Spen


Very interesting result, Labour just, just held on , but after Hartlepool and Chesham not good news, nor for the Tories

June 30,2021

Tomorrow voters in Yorkshire’s Batley and Spen constituency head to the polls for the fourth time in five years. The previously safe Labour seat is under threat and this by-election is seen as a test of Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership. The Conservatives are hoping to win and could get a helping hand from former Labour MP George Galloway who is running for the Workers party and may split Labour’s vote. Manveen Rana went to find out what was happening locally.

Guests: -Tony Earnshaw, Democracy reporter at Yorkshire Live. -George Galloway, Workers Party for Britain candidate. -Julian Heather Liberal Democrat activist. -Nadeem Raja, general manager of the Indian Muslim Welfare Society. -Gulam maniyar, former Labour councillor. Host: Manveen Rana. Clips: Sky News, BBC News,, ITV News, Conservative Party

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