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Is the government funding gangs?


In recent days there has been some concern over the funding of a drug rehabilitation programme, run by an entity closely associated with the Mongrel Mob.

So I was interested to see if this article in the Herald would throw more light on the matter. Well it did and it didn’t.

The article was informative, but in reality raised a number of questions that require answers? Plus much of the article, which was sourced from RNZ and not by-lined read more like a justification, in many respects, issued by government spin doctors than a carefully considered piece of journalism.

In my view the article failed to answer the question raised in it’s headline.

After reading the article, I am not convinced that the government has appropriately considered this matter. Furthermore, I am concerned as to the nature and extent of the programme monitoring. In addition, how do the costs for this programme measure up as against other rehabilitation programmes? Who will monitor spending? Based on the article, monitoring appears to be by multiple agencies, this seems to be a recipe for disaster.

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