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Jazz in the Night: Ian Dury and the Blockheads (1999) – Live at Ronnie Scott’s


From the uploader

Live performance and interviews from legend, wit and diamond geezer Ian Dury. I found this in the annals of my hard drive. I doubt it will ever be shown again and it’d be a shame if it disappeared completely, so here you go. Enjoy.

SETLIST 0.00 Intro Performance Part 1 00:12 Wake Up and Make Love With Me 05:16 Ian talking about the Blockheads album ‘Mr Love Pants’ & a short piano solo 06:02 Clevor Trevor 09:54 Sax solo (Gilard Atzmon) 11:49 Ian comments about rhythm … as intro to … 12:12 Mash Up Harry (1998) … interspersed with Ian interview about Harry 15:25 Ian’s view about 15 minutes of fame and how to deal with it 16:21 Performance … Part 2 16:29 Poo Poetry 16:55 Sweet Gene Vìncent 19:42 Ian comments about ‘George’ … preamble to … 20:01 Jack Shit George … with some of Ian’s interspersed comment & spattered with solo instr. Cameos 24:33 Ian talks about his cancer and not suffering 25:53 Passing Show 30:15 Interview Ian about mum & dad 30:39 Ian explicative intro to S&D&RnR 31:17 Sex & Drugs & Rock n Roll (1977) … interspersed with some observations from Ian 35:27 Performance Part 3 35:36 Spasticus Autisticus 41:45 Ian’s brief history of chart success of HMWYRS … 42:58 Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick 47:15 End & … Roll Credits

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