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Chopper’s Politics Podcast: Has Dominic Cummings finally said his piece?


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A UK political podcast hosted by Christopher Hope of UK Telegraph

Upload July 23,2021

Leaks. Journalists love them, the Prime Minister hates them and Dominic Cummings can’t stop sending them to the BBC. On this week’s podcast, ally of the PM, Conor Burns MP, tells Christopher Hope why the government’s inner workings have improved “dramatically” since the former SpAd’s departure, why Boris Johnson’s leaked WhatsApp messages only tell half the story and why attempting to rationalise Mr Cummings’ actions is a futile exercise.

Also on the show: Conservative peer and co-founder of Women2Win Baroness Jenkin of Kennington tells Chris why listening to last week’s Chopper’s Politics made her realise it was time to speak out about her own political journey in the transgender debate, and why she no longer agrees with self-identification.n of the moment, Gareth Southgate and claims America is a harbinger of what’s to come if Britain let’s “woke” take over.

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