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Cranford – Classic Drama 1/5


Truly excellent cast led by Judi Dench and Eileen Atkins

Episode 1

New to Cranford are Captain Brown and his two daughters, who move in across from the Jenkyns sisters, Deborah and Matty. The sisters have recently welcomed Mary Smith, the daughter of a friend, to live with them. The elder Brown daughter is ill and dies shortly after their arrival. With her father away, the surviving sibling Jessie Brown, breaks with tradition and walks behind the coffin accompanied by her neighbour, Deborah Jenkyns.

The handsome and eligible young doctor Frank Harrison arrives to assist Dr Morgan with his practice. His first patient is carpenter Jem Hearne, who has fallen from a tree and suffered a compound fracture. Instead of following the usual custom of amputating the injured limb, Dr Harrison delays immediate action in order to perform a relatively new and risky surgery to save the arm. His successful effort wins the admiration of the townspeople.

Edmund Carter, estate manager for Lady Ludlow, takes an interest in young Harry Gregson, the bright son of a poor local family, and offers him both work and an education.

When a valuable piece of historic lace belonging to Mrs. Forrester is swallowed by a cat, she and Octavia Pole discover a novel new use for a Wellington boot.

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