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Joolz Guides: Hampstead and its amazing history


Another excellent video about London

John Constable Grave, Dracula and Peter Pan – The cemetery at St. John at Hampstead is the final resting place of many famous people. The Llewelyn Davies brother were the ones who inspired J.M.Barrie to write Peter Pan and their family tomb is there along with John Constable who painted The Haywain. In Bram Stoker’s Dracula Lucy is entombed here also.

Then you can walk up Church Row to see how a street might have looked in the 17th century as it hasn’t changed!

Louis Patisserie – In the 60s Louis Permayer opened his Hungarian patisserie in Hampstead and it still retains its original features today and a lovely selection of cakes!

There are several nice pubs, my favourite being The Holly Bush, an old coaching inn.

Goldfinger – at number 2 Willow Road is Erno Goldfinger’s house. He was an architect who didn’t get on with his neighbour Ian Fleming who based his most famous James Bond villain on him! You can even go inside as it’s a museum.

Julian McDonnell takes you on a beautiful and nostalgic walk around this beautiful village including Flask Walk, Well Walk,Whitestone Pond and all the places mentioned above which make a wonderful day trip from London.

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