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NZ’s Keystone Kops


An interesting question is just what the NZ Police exist for?

Now if you are a crusty old fogey like me, you might think they are funded to fight crime, keep public order all those old fashioned things which people used to want.

However, you would be so wrong.

An example of what the NZ police do now is covered by this tweet.

Please explain to me why the public are warned? Why are gangs or community groups as some now prefer to call them are tolerated and given so much leeway?

Plus of course law abiding people had their guns confiscated, but the gangs illegal weapons were left untouched. The new gun laws, which would make us safer, according to the government, have not. We have more gun crimes than ever.

No doubt when the new anti free speech laws are passed, the police will have a job to do, stopping people like me criticising the government.

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